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Shaker Village has been a warm beacon of hospitality for more than 200 years. The Shakers used to host travelers in the Village long before 1841, when The Trustees’ Office was built. The Trustees’ Office signaled open arms to guests with its one front door, instead of the well-known double Shaker entrance. It was a greeting place; the heart of the Village to outsiders, business partners, friends and family members of the Shaker community. Boarders, as they were called, were welcome to stay, dine and visit with the Shakers, as long as they followed their rules during their stay. Today, while we don’t insist that you follow a list of Shaker rules, we do insist that you sit back, relax and enjoy your time at Shaker Village!

Trustees' Office

The Trustees’ Office, circa 1842

Named as a top hidden travel destination by BBC News, The Inn is much more than a traditional hotel. Guest rooms, suites and private cottages—each offering distinct character—are located in 13 restored Shaker buildings. Rooms are comfortably appointed with Shaker reproduction furniture, original hardwood floors and spectacular countryside views.

Old Stone Shop 174.2

1. Each room is unique! Request your favorite room, or be ready for a different adventure each time you visit. Find a handwritten poem on the windowsill of room 174. Look for letters from past visiting guests in a floorboard under the bed of room 207 (and write your own letter to add to it). Enjoy a perfect view of The Preserve from room 160. See original pieces of the building on the second floor of East Family Dwelling. Open the tiny door in room 505 and ponder what it’s for. Watch the sunrise from your window in room 563. The list goes on and on. These buildings have real history, and each room tells a different story.

2. We’re sustainable! In true Shaker form, we try to be as sustainable as possible and use our resources to the best of their ability. From LED lightbulbs and green toiletry and cleaning products to our newest venture with waterless urinals, we strive to make differences that will impact the entire village for the better.Tens of thousands of guests visit the Village each year and are served by approximately 140 employees. Despite serving an increasing number of guests through meals, programs and events, staff have managed to decrease solid waste. This accomplishment took a coordinated effort across departments, and the recycling program continues to be improved and expanded. More than 432 cubic yards of plastic, glass, aluminum and cardboard will be recycled by the end of the year. This volume of trash would fill 12 average-sized bedrooms from floor to ceiling and represents a savings of approximately $2,300 in trash service fees. We will continue to find ways to be more sustainable in The Inn and all areas of the Village this year and every year to pass on the legacies of the Shakers and to preserve this site for future generations.

3. We have pet-friendly rooms! No need to leave your fur baby at home when you plan your getaway to Shaker Village. Explore the grounds with your dog (on a leash, please) and then check out our pet-friendly hiking trails, as well as overnight rooms.

4. You get complimentary admission to the Village! Every day is filled with self-guided and staff-led tours, talks, exhibitions, hands-on activities and more throughout The Historic CentreThe Farm and The Preserve. Scheduled experiences change daily based on the seasons and VILLAGE@WORK projects. Enjoy outdoor fire pits or go stargazing. Hop on one of our bikes and take a ride. Go hiking or birdwatching. Enjoy the view from our tree swings and so much more. Visit our events calendar to see what else is happening around here.

5. By staying here, you contribute to making great things happen at Shaker Village. Your online and onsite purchases generate revenue to keep this site going. All operating proceeds benefit Shaker Village’s mission and are used to develop new programs and events, compensate employees, buy new linens, feed the farm animals, maintain the trails, keep the lights on and much more! Visit our website to learn more about how you can support Shaker Village.

Trustees' Office 303.1 Bath Trustees Office 305

This Kentucky destination allows you to be as active or as restful as your heart desires. Come ready for a new adventure or a peaceful retreat. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, weekend getaway, business meeting, destination wedding or other special occasion, The Inn provides the perfect stage for your most memorable occasions. Start planning your getaway now!

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Anthony Cardano is the inn manager and joined Shaker Village after cutting his teeth in the corporate hotel world…

Wisdom’s Voice

Wisdom's Voice

The Shakers were a remarkably musical people, filling handwritten hymnals with thousands of songs expressing their religious fervor and adoration. Wisdom’s Voice is the first recording composed entirely of Shaker songs written here and is the first time that many of these songs have been heard since the 19th century. 

Any Shaker was welcome to write music for worship, and there are a number of composers who show up over and over again and contributed a remarkable amount to Pleasant Hill’s creative output. I have come to know their musical styles fairly well, so my own favorite composers appear on Wisdom’s Voice, with Hortency Hooser, Samuel Hooser and Lucinda Shain making frequent appearances. Perhaps my favorite Pleasant Hill composer is Polly McLain Rupe, whose tender and soulful songs appear four times on the recording. Polly was born in 1826 and arrived at Pleasant Hill in 1835 at the age of 8. She lived here until her death in 1875, serving as a teacher and an eldress. Her prolific composition was a gift to the Shakers, and today, it is a gift for us as well. 

The Shakers invented their own system of musical notation for writing music. It’s a letteral notation, where the letters A through G represent the notes of the scale. Countless Shaker songs still exist only in this handwritten notation, and it is a long and meticulous process to transcribe this music into classical notation and bring it into the modern day so that it can be sung and heard by all. I learned to read Shaker notation from the Shakers’ own teaching tools and transcribed most of the songs on this recording from the original manuscripts held in the archives here. 

When selecting songs, I sat down with photocopies of three handwritten Pleasant Hill hymnals (the originals are far too fragile for frequent handling!) and simply turned through the pages. If a title or text struck me, I explored the melody on the piano and took note of the ones that stayed with me. There are countless beautiful and worthwhile Shaker songs still waiting to be sung, but it was a joy to record these songs that I love the most.

We recorded in the Meeting House, built in 1820 as the Shakers’ worship space. It is a beautiful building with incredible acoustics, which we strove to capture for the listener. With one solo voice filling the space, it is a deeply intimate recording. 

It is my hope that this recording will foster a deeper connection to Pleasant Hill and the people who called this place home. Their music connects us across time and reminds us that the artistic expression of human passion is timeless. It has been a joy to create Wisdom’s Voice, and it is my fond hope that it will bring joy to many others as well. 

Carys Kunze, Program Specialist for Music and Art

Wisdom’s Voice: Shaker Songs Recorded in the 1820 Meeting House is a recording composed of Pleasant Hill Shaker songs. It features the voice of program specialist for music and art Carys Kunze, who performs regularly at the Village. Wisdom’s Voice can be purchased in The Shops and online.