How does Shaker Village inspire you? Five ways to show your support.

Shaker Village is on a mission to inspire generations through discovery by sharing the legacies of the Kentucky Shakers. But, what does that mean really? We are a village at work, of great work. Storytellers educate children and adults. Farmers and chefs build healthy foodscapes. Naturalists restore rare habitats. Craftsmen preserve irreplaceable architecture. Archivists care for priceless collections. And SO much more.

Has our work inspired you? We hope so! If not, give us a chance and we will make you proud. We rely on people like you to keep this place going, to continue to make great things happen here.

We asked some of our donors why you should support us:

“Shaker Village is a jewel right here in Central Kentucky. It is up to us to carry it forward.” -Ms. Barbara Hulette, Danville, Ky.

“I live near Shaker Village and love the property. It’s wonderful that Shaker Village allows people to come hike, ride and learn the history of the Shakers. I want to help keep it going. I would love to see Shaker Village continue on for many generations to enjoy.” -Dr. Leigh DeLair, Harrodsburg, Ky.

“I feel like a piece of my soul resides at Pleasant Hill.  I always want it to be there.” -Mr. James Spragens, Lebanon, Ky.

Help us keep it going. Tell your friends about Shaker Village. Like us on Facebook (we post cute pictures of baby animals)! Sign up for our email list. Visit the online shop. Take full advantage of all 3,000 acres and what they have to offer. Here are five easy ways to show your support now:

  1. Text INSPIRE to 501501 to donate $25. It’s quick and easy!
  2. Donate online.
  3. Visit us! Come see the real work that happens here. Attend a special event or workshop or just come for the day and enjoy the tours and sights. There’s plenty to keep you busy around here. Check out our calendar.
  4. Become an Annual Passholder. We’ll get your support and you’ll get free admission and other perks. Plus, we’ll get to see you more often!
  5. Learn more about our nonprofit mission and the legacies we strive to share. Check out our website or call Melissa in the development office to learn about giving options (859.734.1547).

Wendy K. Smith, Chief Development Officer


Fall Favorites

Ok, so you’ve probably heard us say that every season at Shaker Village is our favorite. We’ve found it to be somewhat impossible to choose a favorite. BUT, there is something about fall at Shaker Village that gets us all excited. Of course, you’ll need to come and see for yourself, but here are some recommendations from our staff:

Kentucky knows how to do fall, and the best can be found here at Shaker Village!
Whitney Franklin, Director of Event Sales and Services

My favorite thing about fall around here is the trees! They are fabulous with all the colors.
Rosemary Helm, Warehouse Retail Coordinator

This is my first fall at Shaker Village, but I know program staff have been working hard on the Spirit Strolls that kick off Labor Day Weekend. We are all excited to share with guests stories relating to Shaker spirituality, while taking a lamp-lit, guided walk through the Village. As August winds down, I’m eager to see these lovely maple trees lining the turnpike blaze up in their autumn colors. Come share the happenings with us this season!
Bekah RobertsFarm Program Specialist

My top recommendations for guests is hiking the Chinquapin Trail to see the transition from late summer to fall. The native grasses will be going dormant and changing from green to golden brown (especially Little Bluestem). The Indian grass in The Preserve is one of the later ones to seed out with a long golden seed head and is easily identifiable by that trait. The portion of trail that runs through the wooded area has lots of oaks and hickories, making it a great place to observe squirrels caching food for the winter and whitetail deer foraging for acorns, all while hearing the Shawnee Run Creek in the background. People should visit in the fall to see Shaker Village at its best. The landscape, buildings and overall ambiance of the area—in combination with sweatshirt weather—add up to a great weekend trip.
Ben Leffew, Preserve Manager

The Halloween event is at the top of my fall favorites. Just to see the kids and the adults all dressed up and coming down the turnpike is always fun. Everyone has such a great time Trick-or-Treating and strolling down the lane in such a laid back atmosphere.
Mary Drummer, Staff Accountant

Book a room and bring your hiking boots. Spend the day on the trails, then have a bourbon while you sit in an Adirondack chair by the fire.
Wendy Smith,
Director of Development

My favorite things is the crisp air and wagon rides! There’s nothing like listening to the leaves crunch under the wagon wheels while enjoying the rich history at Shaker Village.
Gabriella Kreinbrook, Equine and Stable Assistant

The Fall Palisades Paddle is a must! Traveling down the quiet, peaceful Dix River at the height of the fall foliage restores the soul (and it’s good exercise too—but not too strenuous!)
Melissa Donahoo, Development Associate

This is a village at work, and great work happens here every day. Join our team!

A Shaker Village adventure is waiting for you! Make plans to visit this fall!