Spring Harvest at The Trustees’ Table

Executive Chef Dylan Morris

As we roll into growing season here at Shaker Village, I’m looking forward to the early crops coming into The Trustees’ Table from our onsite garden. Our amazing Farm Team works for hours on end to make sure we have the best harvest, and nothing excites me more as a chef than knowing our produce is grown close to the restaurant. In our case, the Shaker Village garden is literally located steps away from the restaurant. The garden is certified organic and the plants are grown directly in the ground. I believe there’s a deeper flavor in all vegetables when they’re grown in soil verses water as some producers have moved to hydroponic growing techniques.

Chef Dylan works closely with the Farm Team to plan out seasonal menus utilizing the Shaker Garden for the restaurant’s produce needs.

A couple of things stand out in the early stages of the season, the biggest probably being the salad greens. With this harvest of greens that has started flowing into the restaurant you’ll be seeing more and more seasonal salads like the spring Blueberry Salad we have on the menu now. This salad is composed of mixed greens, fresh blueberries, local goat cheese, roasted walnuts and our house-made white wine vinaigrette. When I was writing this menu item I really wanted to bring a fresh, and bright salad to the table for spring. With the brightness of the blueberries and vinaigrette, I believe we did just that, not to mention the many health benefits of blueberries.

The Blueberry Salad is available for both lunch and dinner at The Trustees’ Table.

As we continue to receive produce from the garden this year you’ll see more dishes focused on the use of our vegetables, taking seed-to-table dining to a new level. I hope you’ll pull up a chair at The Trustees’ Table soon.

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