The Trail West

Billy Rankin, Vice President of Public Programming and Marketing

Trailhead on the Move

When Shaker Village introduced the list of projects associated with its Long-Range Plan in May, it was noted that “no project stands alone.” Each individual project represents a piece of a larger puzzle, and in many cases the completion of one project is critical to the success of another.

This week we’re going to look at the ongoing effort to move the location of the West Trailhead, one of three trailheads used to access the Village’s 33-mile trail system. Work to relocate the trailhead began just last week, and would not have been possible without a grant through the Kentucky Colonel’s Good Works Program.

The new location for the West Trailhead will not only be more convenient for guests, but will also alleviate traffic near the 1850 West Lot Wash House, a critical step in our plans for that important structure.

A Popular Destination

The West Trailhead is the most popular point of access to Shaker Village’s multi-use trails. All horseback and carriage riders launch from this trailhead, due to its proximity to the Village’s stables, paddocks, and equine obstacle course. Hikers enjoy a variety of trails with access to acres of river cane, scenic prairie views, Shawnee Run Creek and the Fulling Mill Waterfall.

Currently, there is limited parking for hikers at the West Trailhead, which leads many guests to park in areas not intended for vehicles. This can harm animal habitat, damage landscaping and create hazards for the large horse trailers flowing to and from equestrian areas.

Luckily, we have a “built-in” solution!

Work in Progress

The image above shows the current site of the West Trailhead, with equestrian stables in the background. While horseback riders will still enter the Preserve on a variety of trails from the stables, the new location of the West Trailhead will provide much-needed parking and other future amenities for hikers.

The 1828 West Lot Dwelling sits along the West Lot Road, on the way to the current trailhead. The new location of the trailhead will take advantage of the 70 car parking lot just behind the Dwelling. The West Trailhead kiosk and map will be located near the northwest corner of this parking area.

Shaker Village’s Preserve Team is working on a new connector trail that will lead from the trailhead at the West Lot Parking Lot, toward the Chinquapin and Shawnee Run trails. Eventually, as additional funding is secured, restrooms will be built near this trailhead to serve hikers and event guests.

Our goal is to complete the new connector trail, update directional signs and launch the new West Trailhead in late September or early October. We will keep you posted, and look forward to seeing you when you hit the trail again at Shaker Village!

Follow Our Progress

Expect to hear more about the progress of our Long-Range Plan projects on social media, through emails and on the Shaker Village blog. We hope you follow along!

If you have questions about master site planning at Shaker Village, or if you would like to support our efforts, please reach out to our Vice President of Public Programming & Marketing, Billy Rankin at [email protected] or 859.734.1574.

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